Participating Providers

Delphi is pleased to work with some of the top medical providers to create our Bundled Fee Service Program.

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Covered Services

We are working hard to bring as many services into our Bundled Fee program as possible.

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List of Covered Services

For Employers

As an employer, our Bundled Fee Services Program can help curb your Worker's Compensation costs.

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The Delphi Bundled Fee program is designed to provide access to high quality providers for a level predictable cost.

Advantages of Bundled Fee Services:

  • Simplifies healthcare financial transactions
  • Guarantees price
  • Eliminates bill review costs
  • Improves reserving accuracy
  • Eliminates concern regarding upcoding created by fee for service contracts
  • Reduces the number of HCFA’s from 12+ to 1
  • Caps PT expenses

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Our team is happy to help you figure out if a Bundled Fee is possible for your service. Contact us to find out more information